Chicks’N’Vixens Not Coming to Xbox on Windows Phone

I’m a huge fan of the indie game Chicks’N’Vixens for Windows Phone. It’s an Angry Birds clone, but being that Angry Birds has taken its good old time porting to Windows Phone, I’ve come to really enjoy the game by maker Jabberworx and his communication with the users on where he’s at in the development process. that’s why it’s sad to report that the popular indie game will not be coming to Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone due to the game being “…too much like Angry Birds.”

Personally, I think this is a shame for two reasons. The first is because this really is an Xbox LIVE-worthy title and the second is because it appears that Microsoft is setting a precedent that only one type of game will be enabled as an Xbox LIVE title. certainly this can’t be true, but from a recent reply from the developer, it appears that it is so.

If you feel as I do that his game should be added as an Xbox LIVE title, you should flood Microsoft’s email and Twitter accounts with requests as such.

No matter what happens to Chicks’N’Vixens with respect to Xbox LIVE, let’s continue to show our support for this up-and-coming developer by downloading his game, which you can find by searching for “Chicks’N’Vixens” in the Marketplace or on the phone.


6 responses to “Chicks’N’Vixens Not Coming to Xbox on Windows Phone

  1. I don’t think this sets the precedent that only one type of game will be enabled as Xbox Live, for example both Need For Speed and Fast & Furious are both on WP7 and they’re more or less the same type of game.

    imo this just sets the prescedent that Microsoft will probably give proper indie developers a hard time when it comes to XBL, nothing more, nothing less. Unless of course if they’re a successful iPhone developer in which case you’ll get paid to port your game.

    I think Microsoft is more concerned with making the app store look successful than having a properly successful app store hence their business decisions.

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  3. Being a new platform, MS needs to cater not only to the big developers, but also to those making excellent indie games like Chicksnvixens. Keep up the good work jabberworx, you have many fans still wanting this game.

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  6. I’m kind of happy that this game wont be an xbox live title. It may just be because I’m a bitter old git – but at the end of the day the developer has blatently copied another game and why should he be rewarded with the big bucks for it?

    Whats more, considering the devloper used farseer physics, it seems like very little work that the rest of us developers have had to do has been done. Its a physics based game and he used a 3rd party physics engine. THe whole situation just reminds me of domain squatters buying up your name the day after your sub runs out.

    Good on MS for knocking it down a peg

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