HTC Ignite and Prime Leaked Handsets? has leaked the images below as possible upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets. Both the Ignite and the Prime are labeled HTC handsets and judging by the three hardware buttons at the bottom of each device, we can guesstimate that these are either actual Windows Phone handsets or just concepts.

The HTC Ignite

The HTC Ignite is a curious Windows Phone chassis because it boasts a 3.7 inch WVGA resistive screen and an 800 Mhz processor, both below the minimum specifications for a 1st-gen Windows Phone device. However, to note, Microsoft has spoken of multiple lower-end chassis options. 

The HTC Prime

The HTC Prime is another interesting keyboard slider by HTC. The screen is said to be a 3.7-inch WVHA and the other specs are rumored to be up to the normal WP7 chassis.

Both phone renders are absolutely great-looking devices and This user certainly hopes that HTC is planning to bring these handsets to the table. I currently use a Samsung Focus, but I just might consider switching to that Ignite.



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