Windows Phone Games: Rise Of Glory Review

One of the first Xbox LIVE games that I purchased for Windows Phone was the Revo Solutions and Microsoft Game Studios produced title, Rise of Glory. Rise of Glory is a World War era plane shooter with excellent 3D graphics and plenty of levels to fight your way through. Both a single player and multiplayer option will keep the title fresh and the smooth controls are simple to master once the user figures out how to steer the plan without crashing.

The graphics for Rise of Glory are excellent and I had no problem with frame rates dipping or artifacts on either the Samsung Focus or HTC Surround I tested it on. The only time things would slow down in the game is when there would be a ton or firing, multiple planes and smoke clouds rolling through the air at the same time. This was a rare occurance though.


I first had some difficulty with taking off from the ground and crashing, so I would suggest users take the time to calibrate the controls before beginning the game. Rise of Glory uses the phone accelerometer to steer the aircraft. Pulling back on the phone points the nose up and the opposite effect is achieved by pushing the phone forward. Steering left and right is also as simple as tilting the phone slightly in each direction.

On-screen controls include: an ignition switch, rudder controls, fire, speed up and speed down. Each control is placed on the screen so that it is easily accessed during flight and combat.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward. The single player mission starts off fairly simple by getting the user accustomed to mission controls and then dives into air and ground combat missions with some variation through the twelve missions. Multiplayer places you right in the middle of combat for a some quick combat action.

As with all Xbox LIVE-enabled games, you will earn achievements throughout the game by passing levels and shooting down other planes. There are 200 achievements points to acquire in all and a leaderboards option to track your progress against other players.

I’ve had Rise of Glory since November and it’s still one of my go-to Windows Phone games when I’m bored or when I want to show off my phone’s capabilities to others. My biggest complaint is that some missions and checkpoints can take a while to fly through, so gameplay sometimes gets stagnate.

At $2.99 Rise of Glory is one of the must-have Windows Phone games for users. You can find this title by searching for “Rise of Glory” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone device.


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