Windows Phone Games: Codex Review

One of my favorite kinds of mobile games are the types where you have to solve some kind of puzzle and challenge yourself by thinking through the problem. Codex by Good Guy Robots is one of those very challenging and fulfilling types of games.

You may already be familiar with the title if you are an Xbox LIVE user as Codex is also an indie game available for the Xbox 360 console. Featuring very smooth graphics, an original soundtrack and excellent visuals, Codex seeks to push the user to their mental limits by testing the users spatial logic skills with puzzles that are both challenging and engaging.

The object of Codex is to solve each puzzle in as few moves as possible to earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. You achieve this by moving tiles and rows around on the game board to match the puzzles key pattern. Sounds simple enough, right? Not so fast. As you progress through the game, the puzzle keeps the tiles in the last pattern and then forces you to create the next pattern in a certain amount of moves and as you progress static tiles will keep you from easily moving tiles around to create the desired pattern.

I was pleasantly surprised to open Codex and find visuals which rival and are even better than many Xbox LIVE-enabled titles. Menus are original and smooth and fade in and out of selection as animated gears turn in the background creating a nice visual effect.

As for the gaming controls, I did have some trouble picking up the controls at first, but once I had the idea, I was moving through the different puzzles and menus with ease. You’ll tap around the perimeter of the playing board to select your row and then swipe through that row to move the tiles.

I probably use my Windows Phone for gaming the most when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, doctors office or just have a few minutes to kill and because of the way Codex is set up, you can easily pick it up, solve a few puzzles and be back to what you were doing without having to worry about pausing or stopping in the middle of a level or board. At $.99 in the Marketplace or 80 MS Points on Xbox LIVE, Codex is a steal. You also have the option of a free trial if you’d like to try before you buy. You can find this entertaining game by searching for “Codex Puzzle” in the Zune PC software or on the Windows Phone.

Here is the games description in the Marketplace:

Codex is a tile shifting game designed to test your spatial logic skills. The object of the game is to earn medals by solving the puzzle in the least number of moves as specified for gold, silver and bronze medals. The Windows Phone 7 version of the game introduces a new rotary dial for selecting puzzles as well as an auto orientation feature so the game can be played either landscape or portrait mode. The game is very addictive as getting gold medals is not as easy as it seems.

Codex is also coming soon on the iTunes App Store and Android. You can also visit their site at


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