My Experience With Samsung Focus Expandable Memory

Much has been made about the memory card issue with Windows Phones. Most models do not even come with the option of expanding the memory of the phone with a Micro SD Card and those that do, namely the Samsung Focus, are hit-or-miss.

I originally had an HTC Surround Windows Phone device and eventually decided to switch for multiple reasons. I made the decision to go with the Samsung Focus, also for multiple reasons, but the main being the ability to expand the internal memory. And that is where the fun begins.

With all of the warnings issued by Microsoft, my carrier and many tech blogs, I decided to tread carefully when choosing which memory card I would use for my phone. After all, it’s an expensive device and I certaintly didn’t want to brick or make the phone completely unusable. I was surprised to find that many had opinions, but not many users had actual examples of specific cards they chose and wether their device was running solid.

I did a lot of searching and finally came across a Windows Weekly podcast where one of the hosts, Paul Thurott, mentioned that he too questioned which card he should choose for the Focus. He chose Patriot memory he had found on I immediately went to Amazon and searched and found: NEW 8Gb Genuine Patriot Memory Card for SAMSUNG FOCUS SGH-I916 Cell Phone for $13.99. I added it to my cart and waited.

[Note: Keep in mind that Microsoft claims that memory no matter the brand can have unforeseen affects on the phone’s performance and stability, so you are upgrading at your own risk.]

When it finally came in the mail I googled how to install it and found many users saying that the method listed in the carrier manual was the wrong way to install the memory, so bravely I followed their instructions instead.

  • Turn off the phone’s power.
  • Remove the battery cover and battery.
  • Insert memory
  • Reboot Phone
  • Navigate to Settings>About>Reset Your Phone

I’m happy to report that the Focus rebooted with no problems and added the memory without an issue and I’ve been running the Focus with the memory for about a month now with many installed games, apps, video and music. I wanted to share my experience because I couldn’t find many out there who could share their’s when I was looking. Please pass this on if you or anyone you know is considering upgrading their Windows Phone memory.

In case anyone’s wondering, here is a link to the exact memory on

UPDATE: At&t now carries certified MicroSD memory cards for Windows Phones. Click here for the story.


4 responses to “My Experience With Samsung Focus Expandable Memory

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  3. I bought the card you recommend but I chose the 16gb one and it was all fine until three days when I noticed it began freezing up on me, losing battery power faster than I could charge it and freezing up at times. For example I can make calls and the other party can hear me but I can’t. Other issues are that I have to keep it on vibrate otherwise my answer tone doesn’t stop ringing. How do I get rid of the card and set it back to it’s original 8 gbs? I should of bought the iphone or something else that you could truly add memory!

    • Sad to hear that. I can only speak for the one I got and on my phone particularly. Some people have had different experiences with changing out memory, but I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem with the 8GB card I used. To factory reset your device, you’ll need to remove the memory card and then reboot and go to Settings->About->Reset Your Phone. Hope this helps.

      You may also want to consider going with the certified memory that At&t sells in stores. It’s a bit expensive, but it is also certified to work with Windows Phone.

      Also, you can’t add memory to an iPhone. They come as-is, no customization at all.

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