Rhapsody App Hits the Marketplace

Windows Phone becomes an even more viable option as an platform with every major app that hits the store and today is no exception. Rhapsody International Inc. released their popular app for the Windows Phone platform today.

With over 11 million songs to choose from, Rhapsody is America’s number one music subscription service. Similar to Zune Pass, you can try Rhapsody for free and if you like the service, you can continue to subscribe to their unlimited music plan for $10 a month.

The app continues the metro UI look and feel, which is nice, but doesn’t play music in the background, so you will have to have the app open to listen to your tunes, for now.

Considering Microsoft already offers is excellent Zune Pass service on Windows Phone, this is a suprising app to show up, especially unnanounced. The app is free to download, so go ahead and give it a try if you’ve been looking for a music subscription service alternative to Zune’s offering.

You can find the Rhapsody app by searching for “Rhapsody” on the Zune PC software or on Windows Phone.


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