Windows Phone Games: Professional Burglar Review

I’ve stated how much I enjoy puzzle and “thinking” games, especially on the go. This is one of the reasons why Windows Phone makes such a great gaming device. I can be waiting in line and kill a few minutes by playing a game and then get back to life.

I recently downloaded and started playing an interesting game called Professional Burglar by Phat Games for Windows phone. It’s unlike any game that I can remember, so it’s hard to compare, but it’s one of those games that really gets you to think.

The object of the game is simple: You need to get Burgals, a burglar, whose task is to find a path in each challenging level to collect all of the money bags. You need to tell Burgals which way to move by directing him with arrows and mirrors that need to be strategically placed throughout each level. There are also obstacales in your way. Static walls need to be navigated around and there are also walls which can be destroyed by placing bombs next to them. There are locked doors which will need a key to be opened and spikes which will kill Burgals if not retracted. 


The number of arrows and bombs at your disposal are limited, so you’ll need to think through each of the 50 challeging levels to figure out how to gather all of the money. There is also a medal located on each level that is optional, but will open an additional challenge if collected.

I found the navigation and controls to be very intuitive and a thorough tutorial will walk you through how to play. Sometimes the placement of bombs and arrows is hard to see, so you can double-tap to zoom into and out of the area to assist (I would like to eventually see a pinch-to-zoom option in a future update).

The visuals for Professional Burglar are smooth and transitions between menus and levels are nicely done. The gameplay is more a throwback to older Zelda-like style games, which is fitting in this case.

The gameplay itself is very challenging and often took me multiple attempts on levels to complete. I’ve played through other challenging games like iMoki Blast and when it comes to difficuly, there is no comparision. If you want a game which will challenge you, Proffessional Burglar is definitely in that category. 

Professional Burglar is $1.99 in the Marketplace and there is also a free trial mode. I would suggest looking into this game and definitely download the free trial for a test spin. You can find Professional Burglar by searching for “Phat Professional Burglar” in the Marketplace on the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

You can also visit their website at or their blog at


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