Microsoft Opens “Where’s My Phone Update?” Site to Track Updates

The Windows Phone team, specifically Eric Hautala, has decided to post to the Windows Phone Blog again today to answer some questions and quell some of the uprising over the latest Windows Phone update.

This week we’re sending out the new update only to “open market” Windows Phones around the world. If you own one of these phones, you probably already know it: these are unbranded devices that aren’t customized for a specific mobile operator.

Regarding why the update is staggered:

As I explained in my last post, we intentionally deliver updates in batches, ramping up gradually to help ensure the process is as problem-free as possible. (And so far, the copy and paste update is proceeding smoothly.)

The Windows Phone team is listening:

But it was clear from your comments that many of you want a better idea of when to expect your update. Is it on the way—or weeks away? These are natural questions.

To help answer them, we’ve created a new online resource called Where’s my phone update? that provides some insight into where we are, and where your phone is, in the multi-stage update process.

If you’ve visited the Windows Phone Blog and read the comments beneath each post, you’ve probably seen exactly what Eric is describing. There is definitely angst building up and spilling over with this update process. And to be frank, the Windows Phone team needs to be quicker to release information and much more open regarding what has been going on with “NoDo”. I think this website they’re setting up is a great step, but they need to update it often and be open with Windows Phone customers. After all, the Windows Phone early adopters are Microsoft’s most loyal customers, so it would be wise to go out of their way to please them/us.

Visit – Where’s My Update?


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