NoDo Will Find A Way

Because Microsoft and/or carriers are reluctant to deliver the “NoDo” update to Windows Phone users, many are finding ways around the carrier update process to get what they’ve been promised in March.

It doesn’t need to be rehashed, but it’s becoming clear that Microsoft will not be stepping in and guaranteeing their users a solid and timely update experience by coercing the carriers to play nice, so many have been driven to circumvent the whole update fiasco and do it themselves.

No matter how frustrated I may be with the whole update mess, I will not be attempting these other solutions and would suggest other users do not as well, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. You could render your phone useless in some cases if done incorrectly.

WPCentral has posted a few articles from the XDA forums on the process for unofficially updating to NoDo. Here are the links for those interested:

New Hack Brings NoDo to Some Unbranded Phones 

Flash NoDo ROM on an HTC HD7

Source: WPCentral


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