Windows Phone Games: Krashlander Review

Every now and again I will stumble on a game with a simple objective that is just an excellent game. Krashlander by Farseer Games fits that bill perfectly. It is a simple game with a simple objective. You are a skier, Krashlander, and you need to get to the other end of the ski run and knock over these robots on the other end to move onto the next level.

Each level is well-designed and becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress through the current 22 levels, with a new level being added every month. Your goal is to not only finish each level, but you are scored on each level by receiving 1 to 3 stars. After trying a level 15 times without succeeding, you will be allowed to skip over that level.

The controls are very responsive and will take a little practice to master, but with the tutorial levels that the developer provides, this should not be a problem. You have a circle of different player positions on the right-hand side of the screen and as you roll around the circle, you player will tuck and jump to navigate down the mountain and over jumps. You will quickly learn that timing is everything in jumps and while in the air, your player will start to flip, so you will have to balance out in order to land on your feet.

The visuals are basic, but in a great way. Krashlander has silhouette-style visuals and a very challenging terrain

I can highly-reccommend Krashlander to Windows Phone gamers and at $1.29 for the paid version you’re getting a great buy. There is also a free version which comes with ads, but I’m sure that once you play the free version, you’ll want to spend the $1.29 and get the paid version without the advertisements. You can download Krashlander by searching for “Krashlander” in your Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

You can visit their website by visiting here.

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