Microsoft Offers At&t Users a “Glimmer of Hope”

Microsoft kept to its word and delivered an update a week from the update charts’ original posting and seems to be trying to quell some of the At&t-user angst about the “testing” phase of the NoDo rollout. This time they’ve update the chart to include a double-asterisk which denotes that “testing” has a completion date of early April 2011.

Of course, what the chart doesn’t say is whether or not At&t phones will then enter the “scheduling” phase at that point, which means that they are within 10 days of delivery. I appreciate the chart and it’s certainly better than no communication at all, but why we can’t be told exact dates is still a mystery to users everywhere, but at least there’s something.

I’ve included a “Where’s My Update?” section on the top navigation bar on this blog for quick access to the update page at any time.

Source: Where’s My Update?


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