Game Load Times Post-NoDo on an HTC HD7

I’m an At&t Samsung Focus customer and have opted to wait for the official release of the NoDo update for my phone, so I have yet to experience NoDo and what changes and improvements it brings. I’m not a huge fan of copy & paste on mobile devices but the two elements in NoDo which I am looking forward to are the Marketplace improvements and the app performance enhancements. has taken the time to test a number of games before and after the NoDo update to see just how much improvement has been made in load and resume times. You can find the following chart on their website here, but I figured I’d post it as well.


I’ve never felt that load times on WIndows Phone were too long, however, you can clearly see a speed boost after the NoDo update. Head on over to their website to read the entire post and see it in action via a video.


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