How To Update Any Windows Phone to NoDo

For most Windows Phone users this is not  necessary, but for those in Australia or in the US on the At&t network, you may be interested in a new tool by one of the makers of ChevronWP7, Chris Walsh. Walsh explains that Microsoft created a “wrapper” over the entire update process making it easier to circumvent the carriers approval and push of the update. Chris notes on his Blog:

We really have to commend Microsoft here for being able to split up the OS updates into differential packs, which saves users downloading 200+ MB updates, unlike the IFruit updates.

In case you were wondering, the “IFruit” he’s referring to is pretty much any Apple product. It’s kind of odd that Microsoft created the updates this way. It’s almost as if they expected trouble with the carriers and made it this way on purpose to enable users to update their phone in a timely manner without officially supporting it. Who knows, right?

Unlike many other workarounds for unofficially updating to NoDo, this process seems straightforward and simple. You’ll need to download “ChevronWP7.Updater.exe” console app from his blog and follow the prompts through the update. There are more thorough instrustions on his blog which you can find here, but keep in mind that you are using these tools at your own risk and no one is responsible for any damage that could potentially happen to your device but you. That being said, if you are brave and want NoDo desperately, head on over to Chris’ blog and give it a try.

Source: Chris Walsh’s Blog


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