One Day With NoDo: First Impressions

I couldn’t take the waiting anymore. I have been waiting for the first Windows Phone update ever since Joe Belfiore announced it back in September of last year at the kick-off of Windows Phone. A broken promise here and a delay there and finally, yesterday, Chris Walshie made his Windows Phone update tool available to the masses to help circumvent the obstacles also known as wireless carriers.

I promised myself I would wait for the officially sanctioned update from Microsoft and At&t, but I gave up the wait yesterday and threw caution to the wind and “bit the bullet” by using the tool and the instructions on his blog.

One day later and I can say everything went smoothly and all is fine…scratch that…all is even better because NoDo makes Windows Phone that much better. Don’t expect much new functionality because NoDo isn’t going to bring it, but what it does bring is the much talked about copy & paste functionality and much better Marketplace search and stability. Apps, games and the overall OS are even noticeably snappier too.

It is now a pleasure to scroll through the Marketplace and it loads fast and smooth and doesn’t freeze and hang up, like it did before. Apps and games load very quick and resume even quicker and copy and paste is, well, copy & paste.

I realize that much of the NoDo update is essentially a non-story when it comes to adding new features, but I’m happy with my Windows Phone and don’t necessarily need many new features at this point. I just wanted the stability in the Marketplace that the update brings and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m very wary of recommending ways around the proper update channels, but if you must have NoDo right now, I can vouch for this method being an easy and quick one, just keep in mind that you are updating at your own risk.

Now we can sit back and hope that we’ll see some innovation in the time before the Mango update, slated for later this year.


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