Windows Phone Games: Cannon Paul Review

Physics-based games are becoming a huge hit and partially so because they fit a mobile screen perfectly. In games like Angry Birds and Chicks’n’Vixens, the object is to knock down pigs or vixens as they stand static either out in the open or in some sort of structure. Cannon Paul is a physics games, by publisher ICON E, that takes the same basic concept and adds to it by moving the targets around on the screen.

The object of the game is simple: You are Paul and his friends and you need to slingshot yourself across the screen and avoid moving and static obstacles and hit the Balloonians to pop them before they reach the top of the screen. Most structures can be knocked down and into the balloons to pop them, but some stages add static and spinning objects in your way to make it even more difficult.

The controls are pretty basic. You will tap on your character and pull back and release to fling him at the balloons. You can move the caracter around once in the slingshot to adjust the trajectory. The controls are very responsive and I found no problem with lag or stuttering. Everything was pretty smooth.

The gameplay on Cannon Paul is done very well and I found it easy to pick up and even my 6 year old niece (who loves the game) grasped the controls and object of the game within minutes. There are even bonus games to unlock for when you reach certain levels, which adds to the long-term playability of the game. I would eventually like to see some more levels added, which I’m sure will come.

Other gameplay features listed are:

– New online score!
– 18 challenging Levels in three unique worlds
– Physics engine based game
– Five Cannonians with special abilities
– Nine different Ballonians trying to escape
– Three Bonus Games
– Balloonian Hunter
– Cannonian Boccia
– Knut Hood
– Highscore for each level, bonus games and total score

There is no question that if you like the physics-based gaming genre, you’ll enjoy Cannon Paul and when you compare it at $.99 to some Xbox Live titles that are $5 or more, you are really getting a neat little game for a resonable price. There is also a trial version available if you wish to play before you pay. You can find Cannon Paul by searching for “Cannon Paul” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone device.

You can visit the ICON E website here.


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