Windows Phone Radio on the Chevron Updater and “Testing”

After a few-week hiatus, Windows Phone Radio, Microsoft’s official Windows Phone podcast, is back. Hosts Brian Seitz and Matt Akers touch on things like the weekly Windows Phone Blog posts by Eric Hatula and the status and issues with the NoDo update.

What does it mean when they’re [updates] in “testing”?

“It doesn’t mean that they’re [carriers] the ones exclusively testing at that point. It’s a partnership at that point with ourselves, the mobile operators and also with the OEM…maybe the mobile operator finds some things that we need to go address in the operating system of the phone and we will go do that work and then create another package for them to go and do some more testing on, so it really is a collabrative effort even in that stage. It’s not as cut and dry as it might sound…Once we’re getting into the “testing” phase we’re getting into the final stretches of this thing [updates] being deployed for your phone.”

Brandon Watson also stops in to talk about the upcoming MIX event and how Windows Phone will be a large part of the discussion coming from speakers like Joe Belfiore. Most of the discussion at MIX will be about what’s coming with regards to developers for Windows Phone, which makes sense being that MIX is a developer show.

He also talked about the ChevronWP7.updater tool and potential issues:

“The net result is that it [the updater tool] was putting phones in a state where they couldn’t be updated from us [Microsoft]. They could be updated, but beyond that, they would not be updatable.”

Brandon said, and I’m paraphrasing, that they are going to put into detail the way in which the tool was/is putting phones into an un-updateable state in the very near future. They are trying to figuring out how to reverse the problem without sending users to their carrier to have the phone flashed back to the original ROM. He said that this is definitely not FUD, this is a real concern for Windows Phone users.

The overall message from the podcast was to not use workarounds for updating your Windows Phone and to continue to be patient and wait for the official update. My guessis that these guys are not on At&t because users have been patient for months now and to continue to ask users to be patient and give them no real information or dates is what has caused all of the outcry from users thus far. What is refreshing to know is that Microsoft seems to be looking into how they can reverse the “un-updateable” state that the Chevron tool has put some Windows Phones into, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up as these same people have failed to deliver a simple update to many users thus far.

Search for “Windows Phone Radio” in the Zune PC software to download the podcast.

Source: Windows Phone Radio


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