New Windows Phone Hardware Specs

Microsoft continued with the unveiling of the future of Windows Phone by letting the public know what the new hardware specifications for Windows Phones is going to be. Most specs will stay the same but the new specs will allow manufacturers, like Nokia, to use the Windows Phone OS and make phones in a lower price point that more consumers will buy.

Microsoft engineer, Istvan Cseri, unveiled the new specs and of note is the drop to an 800MHz (SoC) chipset from the current 1GHz Snapdragon processor that has been required to date. Visit the Devices page on this site to see the chart for the current Windows Phone specs. The following chart will detail the minor changes that are coming.

Source: Winrumors


2 responses to “New Windows Phone Hardware Specs

  1. Nice find. I think one nice side effect is the lowering of the CPU requirement should put to rest any speculation that current handsets won’t be able to support Mango.

  2. I just hope the lower specs don’t eventually lead to Windows Phone becoming more a feature phone than a smartphone.

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