Windows Phone Games: Wordament Review

I was listening to the Windows Phone Radio podcast this weekend when Microsoft employee Brandon Watson mentioned a game that he’d become infatuated with recently. The game is called Wordament by You vs. the Internet and after downloading it and playing it for a weekend, I can say that I am equally impressed with the word game for Windows Phone.

Wordament in an indie game for Windows Phone that puts users up against other users on Windows Phone in a tournament to create the most words possible in two-minute games using a grid of letters that changes for each round. After the round starts, you have two minutes to drag your finger over consecutive letters in an attempt to create as many 3+ letter words as possible. Once the game ends your score will be displayed and a list of all the potential words that could have been made will be shown. Wordament will then create a leaderboard for that match and list every player and where they placed in points and words-created.

The concept is simple and after reading through the quick “How To Play” section, you will be ready to begin your first match. The fun is to see how fast you can make words and where you rank compared to other Windows Phone users. The game is free and will continue to be offered free in the Marketplace and all you have to do is create a username for the game and begin creating words.

Wordament is highly addicting and is an excellent multiplayer title for Windows Phone. You can find this excellent game by searching for “Wordament” on the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

You can visit the publishers website at


3 responses to “Windows Phone Games: Wordament Review

  1. Thanks for the kind words! We love to hear feedback (both good and constructive) on this game. This was our first attempt making a game, and the response has been overwhelming. Thanks so much for taking the time to review us.

    — Black Snapper
    Engineer / Gamer
    You vs. the Internet

  2. Your welcome and thanks for creating such a great game for WP7. My only complaint is that it’s almost too addicting. I haven’t been able to stop playing for about two weeks now. Great Job!

  3. I like the layout, which it appears to be pretty much standard for the Windows Phone. This is one of those games you really can’t just play for a couple of minutes though because you get caught up in it…

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