The At&t Windows Phone Updates Have Begun

A number of users, including some on the xda forums are reporting that they have received notification and have updated their At&t Windows Phones. Some have even reported that they received the update even after using the ChevronWP7.updater tool by Chris Walsh.

This is good news for Samsung Focus and LG Quantum users, however, HTC Surround users will need to be a little more patient as their update is slated for later in May.

Already using the NoDo update myself, I can say that the update, while it doesn’t add a bunch of new features, is greatly welcome. The fixes to the Marketplace are enough to warrant the update and the phone overall seems snappier than before.


One response to “The At&t Windows Phone Updates Have Begun

  1. I’ve received both NoDo updates on my Samsung focus…worked flawlessly. Applied the first one, unplugged and re-plugged the phone, detected the 2nd update, applied that one, rebooted and POOF! Now I have copy-and-paste, anti-shake turned on by default, snappier reponse in a few areas (like in the Marketplace), etc. A welcome upgrade all-around. 🙂

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