And Then There Were Five…Left to Update

Most Windows Phones by now seem to either have the February and March updates or are being scheduled for the updates. There are, of course, a few exceptions. I checked through the list on the Where’s My Update? page that Microsoft provides and I found at least five carriers that are still testing at least one of the two updates for Windows Phone.

EDIT: The carrier is NOT Optimus as Mike notes in the comments. It is Optus. Sorry for the confusion.

Judging by the chart, it looks like Optimus and Telstra will probably be rolling out NoDo very soon since they are delivering the pre-update and we know that At&t plans on updating the HTC Surround in May. The remaining two carriers are still in a testing phase and there is no official word when the updates will be delivered, although, it’s worth noting that the chart is typically updated on Wednesdays, so we may see a change today.


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