How To Update Your Windows Phone

I wanted to do a write up on this topic a while ago, but unfortunately At&t took a bit longer than I had expected with the testing phase of the NoDo rollout. I finally received my Windows Phone update notification today and I can report that the official update process was painless and took less than 30 minutes. I did use the ChevronWP7.updater tool a few weeks back and received the update just fine, however, Microsoft has noted that using these tools and workarounds is NOT recommended and can cause future update issues with your device.

I will run through the steps for those unfamiliar with the process:

After plugging in my phone, the Zune software boots automatically and I am alerted that I have an update waiting.

Click Update Now to begin the update process.

The Zune PC software will begin downloading the necessary files to begin the update.

Next, the Zune PC software will automatically create a backup of your phone’s current state. In case there are any issues, this will allow you to return your phone to a previous state.

After sucessfully creating a backup of your phone, the software will then begin installing the update. For NoDo, the downloding phase was the longest part at about 10-15 minutes.

Once the update installation is finished, the software will automatically reboot your phone and will notify you that the update has completed. It is now okay to remove the device.

Some users may run into an error while updating their phone. In this case, Microsoft has created a resource for users to turn to if this is necessary. You can find that troubleshooting page here.

After going through the update, my phone’s (Samsung Focus) information page updated to include the following:

OS Version: 7.0.7390
Firmware revision number: 2103.11.3.3
Hardware rev. number:
Radio Software version: 2103.11.3.3
Radio Hardware version:
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Hopefully this little guide helps. If you have any trouble with the update or have any questions, feel free to contact me by visiting the About page or leave a comment on this post and I will do my best to provide assistance where I can.


3 responses to “How To Update Your Windows Phone

  1. Thanks so much for your information! Since getting my Samsung Focus 5 months ago, I have voraciously gathered info about it, but I am so glad I found your blog. You present all the info so clearly and carefully. As a writer, I admire your craft–as a WP7 user I appreciate the help.

    I have been waiting patiently (and not so patiently) for the update and also have been waiting for the Microsoft-endorsed memory card. I chose the Samsung because of the memory expansion capability, but when I bought it all the reports of the memory card problems were coming out so I chose to wait for the official ones (and it has been a much longer wait than I thought it would be).

    And of course, it seems to all happen at once. The memory cards and the update. So I have chosen to wait to do the update until I get my memory card. I’m hoping my AT&T store will have it this week. I have already laboriously recorded all of my apps and info that I want to restore to my phone after installing the memory card. Something else that I wish was easier. Because I understand that the phone is reset for factory settings. And then I will do the update. There is no easier way to do this, is there? I had hoped to not have to do this because I waited to get the phone so I could get the memory card and then start setting it up the way I wanted. But, in the past 5 months I’ve added many apps and have it set up the way I like it, but I would also appreciate the extra memory so I guess it is worth it.

    But, is my thinking correct–to do the update after the memory card, because I would just have to do the update again?

    Thanks again for all the great info. I do love my WP7!–it’s just not perfect yet.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I appreciate the compliment. As you can see, I am a huge supporter of the Windows Phone platform and run this blog to spread the word and assist users with their handsets. I originally had the HTC Surround because the Focus was sold out in my area at launch. I eventually switched over to the focus for the expandable memory option and I am completely satisfied.

      If you are looking to to add a MicroSD card I would recommend either checking out this article i posted a few days ago about official cards from At&t.

      If you are looking for a cheaper option ($13 for 8GB). I wrote an article a while back about a card I bought on Amazon and everything has worked flawlessly since I installed. It’s not certified, but every user that I have recommended this card to has had zero issues and is pleased. Here is the article for you to check out:

      As for having to re-update the phone after installing the card. I haven’t heard official word on whether that is true, but if it were me I would install the card first and then run through the update process, because you have to do a hard reset after installing the card. Check out the second link for steps on how to add expandable memory. Hope this helps.


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