Suprises Show Up in At&t Firmware Update

Many users waited quite a long time for the testing phase to complete on At&t Windows Phones. Perhaps we now know why this was the case. There appears to be many changes to At&t Windows Phones that were not announced. WPCentral has begun tracking all of the changes and many users are chiming in with additions they have noticed as well.

The first four updates have been confirmed:

  • Capacitive buttons on Windows Phones are disabled when in an app or game.
  • Camera Auto-defaults to turn Anti-shaking on.
  • At&t Address Book is now integrated in the settings menu.
  • “WISPr” protocol has been added to allow Windows Phones to jump on At&t hotspots automatically.

These changes have been noticed by users and so-far are unconfirmed:

  • Touchscreen sensitivity is much better when the phone is lying on a flat surface.
  • Bluetooth static interference is significantly less.
  • Voice recognition is more reliable after unplugging a device from headphone jack.

I am particularly thrilled with the auto auto-shaking feature for the camera. I usually have to turn this option on every time I want to take a picture. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dynamic Range also on automatic. Stay tuned, I’ll update this post if I notice or read about anymore changes


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