Marketplace Holds the Strongest Security Process

Apple is known for its strict AppStore requirements for apps, Android is known as a “wild west” marketplace where pretty much anything goes. Microsoft wanted to take the middle ground in between the two market leaders. Windows Phone is going for the quality and user experience of the Apple AppStore with the freedom and developer-friendly ecosystem that is provided from the Android Marketplace. So far, it seems that Microsoft has hit a ‘home run’ with their Marketplace for Windows Phone. Not only has the Marketplace seen unprecedented growth (currently there are 14,801 apps per, but it is also flooded with quality apps and, most importantly, Microsoft seems intent on continuing to court developers to bring their apps to the new platform and is working with the homebrew community to make sure they are also being heard.

Take away the whole user experience thing for a moment and focus on pure security. That is what Chris Wysopal, founder and CTO of Veracode was doing in his speech at the InfoSecurity show this weekend. Wysopal’s focus was on which app store was the most secure and you might be surprised to know that the Windows Phone Marketplace is what he considers the strongest when it comes to security.

Apple is famous for their walled garden and has an approval process,  but it’s not clear that they are looking at security issues. They seem to care about user experience and policies.

Wysopal continued to discuss how “…Windows phone has the ‘strongest’ security process, whereby it runs a static analysis for malware as part of its approval method, according to InfoSecurity.

I don’t know about you guys, but it makes me feel good to know that my smartphone platform app marketplace is considered to be strong in security by the people who would know these kinds of things. To read the full article on mobile web security, you can visit here.


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