Windows Phone Does NOT track You

If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you have probably heard about the not-so-recent discovery that Apple devices track your every move for some non-apparent reason. The issue with the iPhone tracking it’s users every move is said to be a glitch in the OS software and may be fixed with the next update, although, Apple has not officially commented on the issue.

Android users may also be in the same boat, although, their phones are said to track users in a different way. This may be okay for some users, but others may still find the idea of tracking to be too intrusive.

If you are a Windows Phone user, you need not worry about this tracking business, because PCMagazine reached out to Microsoft and their response was that Windows Phone does not track users in any way:

“Microsoft told PCMag unequivocally that phones running Windows Phone 7 do not store location history. Like most other phones, the platform offers plenty of location-based apps, and those apps require user consent before they begin tracking. Windows Phones also offer the common feature of a “global switch” that lets the user disable all location services, and Microsoft says its “Find My Phone” service keeps only the phone’s most recent location.”

Windows Phone is new to market and sometimes receives flak for some missing features, but in the area of security and user privacy, Windows Phone seems to be on the right track.

Source: PCMagazine


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