How To Search Faster With Your Windows Phone

I came across this tip on the Windows Phone Blog yesterday by Li-Juan Qin, Senior Program Manager, Windows Phone Engineering. Apparently, there will be a new post from time to time from different Windows Phone team members on their favorite Windows Phone tips. The ability to “Search Faster” is one of the tips on this weeks post that I had never seen before, so I figured I would share it here on Windows Phone Metro.

Basically, all you have to do to search faster is highlight a word or phrase, say, in your browser and tap the hardware search button on your Windows Phone. This will open up Bing and automatically run a search for those keywords.

Image Credit: Windows Phone Blog

I’ve started using this feature to lookup words that I was unfamiliar with or didn’t know the meaning to and I’ve also found it useful for searching for sports figures when reading through an article. Li-Juan Qin also posted two of his other favorite features on the post, so be sure to head on over there and check them out.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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