How To Use the Built-In Sound Recorder On Windows Phone

Shortly after receiving my Windows Phone, I ran into a position many readers have no doubt come across as well: There’s no built-in sound recorder in Windows Phone. At least that is what I originally thought. After realizing that I couldn’t record audio on my new device, I went to the Marketplace in search of a decent sound recorder. I found a few very good options, but then I came across the sound recorder that comes on every Windows Phone device, no matter which country you live or which carrier you are on.

The sound recorder is not obvious, but it is there if you are looking in the right place and it took me a little while to find the right place, so I’ll share it with you guys so you don’t have to search every menu looking for the ability to record sound. The sound recorder on Windows Phone is actually located in the Office Hub in the OneNote program:

First, you will open the Office Hub by tapping the icon  on your home screen or in the apps list to the right of the home screen.

Then you will tap the new note icon .

Once you have the brand new note open, you can add a subject and then tap the audio icon  to add your audio note.

The recorder will begin and you’ll press the Stop button to end the recording.

You can then tap your audio note  to play the recording.

Tap the hardware back button to save and close the note and viola, your sound recording is done.

Hopefully this little guide helps. Originally, I thought that the Windows Phone team had forgotten about the sound recorder app that even most feature phones contain, but I was just looking in the wrong place.

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