OneNote is a “Killer App” For Windows Phone

Whether your mobile platform is Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry or Android, there are “Killer Apps” that make the platform shine. Blackberry has begun a TV ad campaign on “Super Apps” in which users explain how a specific app assists them in their daily lives. A few killer apps for mobile platforms include: Netflix, Angry Birds, DropBox, eBay, Kindle, ect… OneNote, which is a part of the Office suite included on every Windows Phone, is definitely that kind of app.

Before purchasing a Windows Phone, I had heard about OneNote and was familiar with people that use it religiously, but I had never seen a useful way to incorporate into my daily life…Windows Phone changed all that.

OneNote is essentially a program which allows the user to create typed, voice and handwritten notes and have those notes synced through the cloud to all of their computers and devices that run OneNote, including the free OneNote web app. The user can create pages which are then organized into Notebooks, which are synced up in the cloud via your free SkyDrive account.

I have found a particular usage case for OneNote in paying bills and creating shopping lists. If you are like me then you probably have a number of bills each month (rent, mortgage, utilities, cable, insurance…) and if you have a number of bills each month, then remembering when to pay them can become troublesome, so I setup a page called ‘Monthly Bills’. I have all of my monthly bills listed in the order in which they occur each month and when I have paid that bill, I strike through that item. I do this for each bill throughout the month until each has been paid. This ensures that I do not forget a bill.

The beauty of OneNote is that I can access that Monthly Bills page on my phone, work computer and home computer or any other computer connected to the internet using the OneNote web app. If I strike through a bill on my Windows Phone, it syncs that entry and when I get home and open up OneNote on my home PC, it has been crossed off the list. I have also found this setup to be useful for creating shopping lists as I remember items to pickup.  

If you have never used OneNote before, I would suggest setting up a notebook on your Live account online and you can also take a look at Microsoft’s OneNote mobile page for Windows Phone for assistance in setting up a notebook for the first time.


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