Verizon Windows Phone Update [Update: Coming May 19th?]

I’ve been laying off the Verizon Windows Phone rumors and news lately because most of the previous rumored release dates came and went without a mention of Windows Phone on Big Red’s network. Lately, things have been heating up and some “sure-fire” news has come along that makes the Verizon launch seem imminent.

Aside from Verizon employees lending credence to the close launch, we have also seen some official Verizon information leak in the past week, including a Best Buy Windows Phone leak for Verizon. Then a Windows Phone help forum popped up on Verizon’s website. 

Today, a user tipped off to an eGuide on Verizon’s website that clearly lists the HTC Trophy, which is said to be the first Verizon Windows Phone device to hit the network (pictured below).

I hate to jump to conclusions, but the supposed May 12th May 19th launch of Windows Phone on America’s largest network might hold more truth than fiction. I personally have heard of a few folks who are waiting patiently for Verizon to get a Windows Phone, so I’d have to imagine that we might see a spike in Windows Phone market share growth  as soon as this happens.

Update: Winrumors is reporting that Microsoft’s internal marketing date is now scheduled for May 19th, not May 5th. 

I think what we can learn from the back-and-forth from verizon and Windows Phone is that we have no clue when it’s going to happen and until a firm date is officially announced by either parties, everything else is pure speculation.


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