Windows Phone Games: Full House Poker Review

I’m a huge Windows Phone fan (obvious) and I’m also a huge poker fan, so when you combine the two it can only be great, right? Full House Poker is the much-anticipated Xbox Live release for Windows Phone and the Xbox 360 console that lets you play Texas hold-em against the computer and real players in both standard, showdown and tournament games, both on the phone and on your console.

Full house poker is one of the few early games on Windows Phone that effects your standing and gameplay on the console as well. XP points and your bankroll will transfer with your XBL avatar as you move from Windows Phone to the console version allowing you to play continuously and seamlessly.

The controls are simple and a brief tutorial will help you find your way through a hand. Menus and graphics are are well done and keep with the simple, polished feel throughout the game. You can customize the cards, table and title of the game.

Half the fun of Full House poker is in the ability to continually move up in XP and bankroll and improve your ranking and standing among other Xbox Live players. There are both achievements and leaderboards in the game that will allow the user to compare their stats with their friends. There are three modes of gameplay: Standard, Tournament and Pro Takedowns. I have found the pro takedowns to be particularly fun and challenging and you are rewarded with a steady increase in funds and XP points with each victory.

I found Full House poker to be a complete game from end to end that left me more than satisfied for the $2.99 price tag that the game carries. If you are a Windows Phone user and enjoy the occasional poker match, then this is your game and when you consider that it ties in with your Xbox avatar and console game, it’s that much more of a deal.

You can find the game by searching for “Full House Poker” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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