Updating Your Phone to “7392” If It Has Been “Walshed”

Some users are worried about the future updates and whether the ChevronWP7.updater method they used a month back will cause issues with the “7392” security update. Microsoft has noted that future update issues will indeed arise if you used the method by Chris Walsh to force NoDo onto your Windows Phone.

So Far, it’s been mixed. Many users with “Walshed” devices have been able to update to the new security patch without issue and then some users are receiving an error code (80180048) during the process. If you are one of the unlucky users with this problem, you may want to head on over to Chris Walsh’s blog and post a comment with the following information:

  • Phone make & model
  • Exact version information in Settings > About > More Information
  • Carrier
  • Your email address

Chris notes on his post that you don’t need to re-flash your device and that the fix is quite simple. Keep in mind that you are attempting anything at your own risk and you will be posting your email on a blog that you may not know too well. That being said, it seems that Walsh is trying his best to assist Windows Phone users that used his workaround get back to a stable state.

Source: Chris Walsh’s Blog


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