Windows Phone Marketplace Outage [Updated]

Update: It looks like the Marketplace is back up and running. I have full Marketplace service on my At&t Samsung Focus. 

If you have tried to access the Windows Phone Marketplace recently, then you have probably received the following message:

“Can’t get to this info right now. Check back in a little while.”

Many are reporting that this outage is worldwide and apparently only effects Windows Phones with NoDo. Zune Pass is also confirmed to be down as well, so it may be an issue with a server.

Microsoft is aware of the outage and has not yet commented on it, so stay tuned and I’ll update if anything new comes about.


3 responses to “Windows Phone Marketplace Outage [Updated]

  1. I have the HTC surround and I updated it to nodo yesterday. I can access the marketplace just fine. I was able to download apps and update them just fine. Its weird because everytime someone has a problem with their phone or even the os I never seem to gave a problem. Weird.

  2. This doesn’t seem to be affecting all devices because I have an AT&T LG Quantum with NoDo and marketplace is working just fine.

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