More Leaked Mango Features Surface?

Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of some impressive features that are most likely coming in the Fall update dubbed “Mango” for Windows Phone. Today we have even more info by way of screenshots originally posted on

Here is what was gathered, via Liveside, by the screenshots which can be seen below:

  • East Asian Language Keyboard, Handwriting and Dictionary Support
  • Improved SkyDrive sync in Office hub – adding Word, Excel, and PowerPoint sync support. Each document type will now be indicated by the color of the tile.
  • Bing Image Search, Bing Vision, and Bing Audio – besides Bing Vision and Bing Audio as revealed earlier this morning, it seems like Bing will now feature Image Search as well.
  • Windows Live Messenger integrated in People hub – as we have predicted earlier, the Chinese developer confirms that Windows Live Messenger will be integrated in the People hub. You will be able to directly IM someone on your contact list.
  • Mobile web pages will also be shown as a separate task in the task-switching screen

The screenshots are a bit blurry, but they definitely look legitimate. As more and more information leaks on the upcoming update for Windows Phone, it reaffirms my belief that Windows Phone will be the next major player in a very competitive mobile market.

Visit for the entire story.


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