Previously Unknown ‘Mango’ Features Possibly Revealed

Some of the guys over on the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk, recently revealed some previously unknown features (based on possible Mango screenshots) which are set to be coming in the Mango update slated for Windows Phone this coming Fall 2011. The podcast in question is Windows Phone Developer Episode 015 – “Winning With Watson” which is also visited by Microsoft employee and Director of Developer Experience, Brandon Watson. The Mango features start at the 40:00 minute mark of the podcast.

Bing Audio is a feature that is already present in Windows Phone via a third party app, like Shazam, which allows you to tag a song by holding your Windows Phone up to listen for the song that is playing and will then find information about that song and return it to your screen.

Bing Vision is another feature already present in the current OS version through third party apps. It will simply allow you to scan a number of different bar code types into your phone so you can retrieve information about that product. Similar application functionality can be seen in apps like Pic2Shop, Tag Reader…

Direct Podcast Downloads is a feature that many miss from the current generation of Windows Phones. Mango will bring the ability to download, stream and play podcasts directly from the phone without having to use the Zune PC software as users currently do.

Voice-recognition for SMS will be coming as a native part of the Windows Phone OS. The ability to dictate into your phone and have the text appear on the screen is a feature that some feature phones have, but Windows Phone will soon be receiving.

Turn-by-turn Navigation will allow Windows Phone users to use the phones gps capabilities to help the user navigate.

You can check out the podcast where all of these features are mentioned by visiting the Windows Phone Dev Podcast website here.


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