Windows Phone Games: Wordrix Review

I’ve written a few different times about word games for Windows Phone which, I believe, are excellent additions to the Marketplace. When it comes to word games there are just a few that I can vouch for, but this game is one of them. I’ve recently been made aware about this game called Wordrix by Haylex Studios which adds a new twist to creating words as you race against the clock.

In Wordrix, you are tasked with creating words from the letters on the board by drawing your finger over consecutive letters. Each word is given a point value, similar to scrabble, and your score will be determined by the total points from the words that you create. Then it gets interesting. The twist is that the board is constantly changing. As you create a word, it is then removed from the board and new letters will fall in it’s place, so you must learn to use vowels and certain letters sparingly.

The game is smooth and transitions and graphics are well done. Finger presses are spot-on and very responsive. Game options also include both 2 and 4 minute games with varying score sprints to choose from. Also included are daily, weekly and personal scoreboards with the added ability to view stats on the web.

I found Wordrix to be both challenging and entertaining and Haylex has included both a free (ad-supported) and paid ($.99) version of its game. If you are a first time user and unsure, you can opt for the free version, but at $.99, you are getting a great addition to your games library for Windows Phone.

You can check out this great game by searching for “Wordrix” on the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


3 responses to “Windows Phone Games: Wordrix Review

  1. Thanks for the nice review Jason. I started writing Wordrix with my 14yr old son over Christmas break last year more as a teaching/learning exercise than anything, but the results have been beyond my expectations and as a family we still fight over the phone every night to play. I’m always glad to hear that others are enjoying the game as well.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do a review and we’ll see you in the Arena!
    Alyxx & Lectus

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