Verizon Customer: We Need a Phone to Save Us From Our Phones

I recently received a post, via email, from a current Verizon Blackberry owner that is also a potential Windows Phone customer, that is, once the platform finally comes to Verizon (allegedly this Thursday). I wanted to post it here on Windows Phone Metro for others to see some of the pent-up need there is for a platform like Windows Phone on the nation’s largest wireless carrier (Verizon). Here is the post:

Windows Phone poised to rescue frustrated Verizon Smartphone Customers, TOMORROW!

By Roy Oberto

6 May 2011

News continues to leak about Verizon finally rolling out their first Windows Phone, the HTC Trophy. Many websites and blogs are reporting that Verizon will release the HTC Trophy on Thursday, May 12 for $199 on contract and $499 on no-commitment pricing, adding a fourth Smartphone platform to VZW. This news will be well-received by many Verizon Wireless (VZW) Smartphone users. At this point, the Windows Phone is the only logical choice for a VZW Smartphone customer.

Presently, VZW operates on a CDMA network, which forces customers to use voice and data independently, never simultaneously as on both AT&T and T-Mobile’s GSM network. As we all know, VZW recently released the iPhone 4. While many jumped at the opportunity to own the device that forever altered the Smartphone for the common man, VZW customers find themselves at a disadvantage. The ability to talk and surf at the same time is one of the iPhone’s most marketable features. Unfortunately, due to VZW’s CDMA network, customers are not able to utilize the iPhone to its fullest potential. In addition, as with any other Apple product, iPhone users must tolerate constant software updates and the proprietary dealings of the Apple Corporation.

The original Smartphone, the Blackberry (BB) continues to be eclipsed by its competitors. Though it offers the most secure data transfer, the BB app market has a selection that is pathetic and sad at best. In addition, the apps that are available are both slow and do not run smoothly. Another stark disadvantage, BB users face, is a sluggish, clunky browser that is often incompatible with many websites. BB is great for email, any tasks beyond that seem arduous.

When VZW unveiled the Android platform, many thought it would compete with the iPhone. Yet, as we continue to see, Android’s “open source” system is plagued with security issues in their app market and fragmentation among devices. Many popular companies (ie Netflix) refuse to release their app for Andriod because of the pitfalls of the “open source” platform. Which leaves us to conclude that presently, VZW does not offer any smartphones without some clear short comings.

Yet, VZW customers can now see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Windows Phone proves both strong and reliable where others fall short. Finally, VZW customers will have a sleek, smooth, reliable option for their smartphone. Windows Phone proves more compatible than do BB, more secure than Android, and less proprietary and easier to use than the iPhone. We can only hope the HTC Trophy is just the beginning for VZW. The smooth OS and fully compatible HTML browser will leave VZW customers fully-satisfied and solve the multiple issues that plague other VZW smartphones.

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard frustrations about other smartphone platforms, especially Blackberry. I am currently helping a female coworker rid herself of her Blackberry to get an HTC Arrive on the Sprint network. Being a Windows Phone user, I can see how much better the product is in many areas when compared to Android, Blackberry and iOS devices. Here’s hoping Verizon users get their wish in a few days.


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