What’s Going On With The Verizon Windows Phone?

We’ve been given no official information, yet lately we have received a number of rumored dates and hints that the HTC Trophy for Verizon is very close to release. After seeing the HTC Trophy on Best Buy’s website yesterday, we figured the rumored May 12th release date was legitimate, however, it’s now the 12th of May and no news from Verizon about any Windows Phones has surfaced, to my knowledge.

A user did call Verizon’s customer service department to inquire about the device and here is his experience:

“…she [Verizon employee] claims to have no information. She said to go to Best Buy and get it there and they would honor the contract price. Then I said, how would Best Buy know what to charge. She seemed baffled and put me on hold. She ended up putting me on hold like 4 times when I asked her things she couldn’t answer. In the end, she gave me no information. All she said is that corporate sent out an email telling employees the phone would be released in the ‘coming weeks.’ She gave me no specific dates.

She seemed surprised Best Buy even had it on their website (almost didn’t believe me). Then I called Best Buy and they said it is no available in stores right now. They also had no information about release dates.”

At this point any information from either Verizon or any third parties would be helpful in calming down the angst for a Windows Phone on Verizon, but for now, we will just have to be a little more patient.

If any users know of or have heard any information about the HTC Trophy on VZ, please drop me a note on the “About” page.

Thanks Roy for the info.

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