Best Buy Rep Confirms May 19th Verizon WP7 Launch

Windows Phone on the Verizon network has been one of those ‘will-they’, ‘wont-they’ affairs and then it became a ‘when-they’ situation. The actual launch of Windows Phone on Verizon has been the bane of many smartphone users existence for a few months now, but we knew we were getting close because of all the leaks that have been hitting the web lately. May 12th, today, was what many people believed to be the day we would finally see the HTC Trophy on Big Red. Unfortunately, that never materialized.

I’d like to tell you or show you some cold hard facts, but what I can tell you guys is that Windows Phone Metro has confirmed via a Best Buy store representative to my source, which I trust entirely, that their system shows a launch of May 19th for the HTC Trophy on Verizon. I’ve also confirmed through this same source that Verizon store employees have finished their training on Windows Phone, yet they will not discuss the specifics of the training or launch date.

It’s no secret that the HTC Windows Phone has seen some launch changes and delays, but we do know that we are getting close and if Best Buys inventory system is correct, it will show up next Thursday.


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