Support Tool for “Walshed” Windows Phones Now Available

If you were one of the many Windows Phone users who couldn’t wait for the NoDo update a few months back and decided to use the workaround created by ChevronWP7 team member, Chris Walsh, then you’ve no doubt heard that your phone will not be able to update past the NoDo update.

Chris Walsh has been working hard with Microsoft to create a support tool to help those users get their phone “back on track” and updating the approved way again. You need not worry this time around as Chris’ blog notes that Microsoft’s Brandon Watson and his team have thoroughly tested the “Walshed” tool and have approved it for Windows Phone users to use.

You can head on over to Chris Walsh’s blog to download the appropriate tool for your operating system type and he notes that it is as simple as, “CAREFULLY select(ing) the right languages installed on your phone, and click “Continue”. This will REPAIR your “Walshed” phone and put you back on the official update path.”

I know the many WIndows Phone users who used the unapproved method originally are happy to see this tool arrive and I personally am happy to see that Chris worked through the issues to get WIndows Phones users on the correct update path again.

Note: Keep in mind that only users who used the ChevronWP7.updater tool to force NoDo onto their phones need to use this support tool. Those that waited for the official update or those who purchased a phone with NoDo already installed need not worry about this tool.

You can visit Chris Walsh’s blog to download the tool here.

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