Angry Birds on WP7 Pushed Back to June 29th?

Windows Phone gains even more momentum with every major app release that hits the Marketplace and there may be no bigger app than Angry Birds by Rovio. If an app store wants to claim a status as a major player in the mobile space, then Angry Birds is a must-have game. 

It’s been a long and somewhat tumultuous road to landing Angry Birds on Windows Phone, but the release is finally nearing. Microsoft stated at the recent MIX 11 show that Angry Birds would hit the Marketplace on May 25th, which is one day after the Windows Phone VIP unveiling of the Mango features update event. However, based on the Xbox website the date has been moved to 6/29/2011.

The release of Angry Birds also marks what appears to be the finale to the event on Windows Phone entitled “Must Have Games” where we’ll have six weeks of blockbuster hit Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone which include: Angry Birds, Hydro Thunder Go, geoDefense, Doodle Jump, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Plants vs. Zombies.

You can check out the Xbox “Must Have Games” website here.

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