Linked [Unified] Inbox May Come to Windows Phone in Mango

As of this writing, I currently have three different email live tiles on my Windows Phone home screen, so as you can imagine, I have to open each one and sort through my inboxes to check my mail. This isn’t ideal, but it’s also not a huge deal-breaker for me either, especially now that Neowin is reporting that unified inboxes are coming to Windows Phone in the Mango update this fall.

The actual name of the combined inbox looks like its going to be “Linked inboxes” via a leaked twitter press image. A Linked inbox is said to be an improvement over a unified inbox which is currently on iOS devices and the difference is said to be, “…likely that the Linked Inbox capability will allow users to group together specific email accounts into a single inbox – but may also provide the flexibility of keeping other inbox accounts separate.” via Neowin.

Neowin also notes that the people hub live tile is also different in the press image. You’ll notice that the people tile now displays larger pictures of your contacts when before it rotated smaller pictures around a 3×3 grid.

Having to use three different tiles on my home screen is inconvenient both because I need to check each email account and it also takes up more prized tile real-estate, so a Linked inbox will definitely be a welcome feature for this Windows Phone user.

Source: Neowin

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