Windows Phone Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time I’ll receive by way of comments on a post, emails or in person when using my Windows Phone, some questions about the device and different features that are in, coming to or have been left out of Windows Phone. I usually try to answer any questions right away, but I figured I would post some of the questions and their answers, just in case anyone has questions of their own.

Here are just a few of the questions I have received regarding Windows Phone:

Do I need a Windows Live ID to have a Windows Phone?

The short answer is Yes, you will need a Windows LiveID for Windows Phone. Windows Phone has been tightly integrated with other Microsoft services like Xbox LIVE and a Windows LiveID allows you to connect your phone to those services. You can also link services like Facebook to your Live account. It is recommended that you setup your Windows Live account in advance to picking up your Windows Phone.

What is NoDo and Mango?

“NoDo” and “Mango” are codenames for past and future updates to the Windows Phone operating system. Dates and specific features aren’t always available to the public, but often leak over time. “Apollo” is another rumored future codename for Windows Phone scheduled after Mango. 

Does Windows Phone have MSN messenger as a native program?

Windows Messenger is currently available to Windows Phone users via 3rd party apps in the Marketplace, however, tighter integration is coming in the Mango update.

What is the battery life like on Windows Phones?

The answer is that battery life is going to fluctuate depending on the device. Every Windows Phone has to meet a minimum spec, but the battery life is determined by the type and size of the battery that is used by the phone’s manufacturer. I have a Samsung Focus and can go a full day with medium to heavy use on one charge.

Does Windows Phone have a flash player?

Windows Phone’s browser options do not support flash at this point. HTML5 and possibly Silverlight support is coming in future updates like Mango.

When is Verizon going to get a Windows Phone?

Verizon finally announced via press release today that the HTC Trophy wil be available online on May 26th and in retail stores on June 2nd.

How good are the specs on the HTC Trophy?

As previously mentioned, Windows Phone requires a minimum spec for every device, so every Windows Phone is going to have high-end parts in them. Hardware manufacturers can take some liberty with adding additional features by way of hardware components.

Is the Windows Phone compatible with the new 4G?

Currently, no Windows Phone devices take advantage of 4G, however, rumors are that future devices are under development which will cover the 4G spectrum.

How is Netflix on Windows Phone?

My experience with Netflix on Windows Phone has been very good. The quality of the video and playback will be determined on your connection and whether you are on 3G or wifi. The app itself is very well-done and very smooth. 

How good is the prediction of the keyboard on Windows Phone?

I have used Blackberry, iOS and android devices and my personal opinion is that Windows Phone keyboard and prediction capabilities are on par (and maybe a little better) with the iPhone, so it is very good.

Will the phone automatically detect and use wifi instead of using my carriers’ data plan?

Windows Phone is set to jump on known wifi networks it recognizes and is setup on that network. Keep in mind that wifi must be turned ON to detect and use a wifi network.

Is You Tube supported on Windows Phones?

YouTube is supported through the use of a downloaded app from the Marketplace. If you come across an embedded video in Internet Explorer it will open the YouTube app and play the video. If the YouTube app has not previously been installed, you will receive an on-screen notification.

Please feel free to contact me via the About page with any questions you may have regarding Windows Phone. If I don’t know the answer, I will work to find one for you.

4 responses to “Windows Phone Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You say: “The short answer is Yes, you will need a Windows LiveID for Windows Phone.” What’s the long answer?


    • The long answer, in short, is that you could make it without one, but it would be tedious and you’d need to use a bunch of workarounds. Windows Phone was made to use in conjunction with a LiveID and life would be very difficult without one.

      • Thanks for the response. One more question: do updates for the WP7 software come from Microsoft or the carrier?

        Typical Android OS users get stranded waiting for the carrier to customize (read, “pollute”) the image before updates are available. In my opinion, it is a strength of the iPhone platform that updates come directly from Apple.

        Thanks again…

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