Ballmer: 500 Features Coming in ‘Mango’ Update

According to Steve Ballmer, Windows Phone has added 500 new features which should be on its way and delivered in more detail at tomorrow’s VIP Windows Phone event in New York. Ballmer was speaking at a Japanese Developer Conference and talked about the strategy for Windows Phone and the leaps they have made.

Among the shockingly-large amount of features set to make there way to Windows Phone with Mango, he also spoke to Windows Phone making its way to Japan later this year. Some features will be huge and some, I imagine, will be behind the scenes upgrades, but no matter how you look at it, 500 features is a huge update, especially for a mobile OS.

Tomorrow should be an explosion of sorts of information about the future of Windows Phone and given that there are potentially 500 features coming in the update, we are sure to hear about some features that have not been discussed or leaked to date.

Head on over to WMPoweruser to view video of Ballmer’s speech.


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