The Status of IE9 Mobile for Windows Phone

According to Techradar, who spoke directly with Jo Marini, Principle Program manager for IE on Windows Phone, Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone is “code complete” and is simply being debugged and optimized for performance and is already improved since the IE 9 demo at MIX 11.

Also on the subject of performance:

We took a holistic view of performance in the world of mobile where you have got spotty data connections or network congestion. We have a nice tiled rendering experience where as the site is coming down, we detect where a user is scrolling in the page and we provide those tiles first.”

And according to TechRadar, “Instead of separate image files, web sites can store images as part of their HTML so they download faster; sites also get up to 5MB of local storage on the phone for caching information so you don’t have to keep downloading it.”

On the subject of compatibility:

Speaking of the similarities between IE9 on the phone and desktop for Windows, “We’re sharing the same code base. If something renders on IE9 desktop it should render on the phone as well,” notes Marini.

On the subject of Flash:

Marini spoke to flash on Windows Phone and it doesn’t look promising for the Mango release, “We don’t do stuff like ActiveX, we don’t have browser helper objects, we don’t have binary plug-ins. A lot of things that were security issues, we simply didn’t do on the phone – a, because we didn’t need them and b, for security.”

Of all the features coming this fall, the upgrade I’m most looking forward to is IE9 for Windows Phone. The speed, performance and compatibility should have no rival on other mobile platforms and the addition of HTML5 should further blur the line between apps and webs apps.

You can read the whole story with Marini on TechRadar here.

Via WMPoweruser


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