What We Should Expect From Tomorrow’s ‘Mango’ Event

After, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer’s speech in Japan today where he said that Mango will include 500 new features, the web has been gearing upon for tomorrow’s event where Microsoft will go into detail and probably demo many of these upcoming features.

Most websites are also speculating that we will see a few (up to nine by some accounts) new Windows Phone models from manufacturers set to release later this year as well as a few new manufacturers possible jumping on the Windows Phone bandwagon. We could potentially even get a release date for Mango, although I would highly doubt Microsoft will corner themselves with specific dates. A mention of Verizon’s recent foray into Windows Phone will undoubtedly come up and we should also expect some talk about the Nokia partnership and what features they may bring to the table and maybe how the recent Skype acquisition by Microsoft will affect the future of Windows Phone as well.

As for features, we know of many huge additions coming in Mango, but if we should be expecting 500 new features, this list is small in comparison to what information we should receive by this time tomorrow. Here is what we know or at least think we know based on official announcements and leaks:

  • Bing Audio
  • Bing Vision
  • Artist information on lock screen (Like Zune HD)
  • SmartDJ Support (Like Zune HD)
  • Multitasking for third-party apps
  • Additional Live Tile features
  • Disable Camera Sound
  • IE9 Mobile
  • HTM5 Support
  • Browser Hardware Graphics Rendering
  • SMS Voice recognition
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Pinnable Email folders
  • Linked [Unified] Inboxes
  • Email Conversations
  • Microsoft Sync Application
  • East Asian Language Keyboard, Handwriting and Dictionary Support
  • Facebook Chat integration
  • Windows Live Messenger integration
  • AOL Instant Messenger integration
  • Archived Email Message Support
  • Complex Password Support
  • Information Rights Management Support
  • Hidden SSID Networks Support
  • Battery and Performance Options Under Settings
  • Podcast Search & Downloads in Marketplace
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Naitive Check-ins
  • Further Office Hub Integration with SkyDrive & Office 365
  • New Games Hub Overhaul 
  • Xbox LIVE Sync
  • Custom Ringtones
  • People Hub Twitter Integration
  • App Search in app list
  • JumpList Support in app list
  • Over 1500 new Developer API’s
  • Motion Sensor Access
  • Alarm Notifications for 3rd Party Apps

I most certainly have missed a few features, so if you can think of one I might have missed, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll update as necessary. Stay tuned as tomorrow many, if not all, of these will be officially announced and demoed.


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