Windows Phone Mango Event Updates

We’re anxiously awaiting the start of the Windows Phone Mango event. Once it begins, I will be updating with the news and features that will be coming in the fall update. Instead of creating multiple posts for each item, I will be updating this same post as the event occurs. Start at the bottom of this post for the beginning of the event and work your way up.

(Images: Microsoft PressPass Website – Live Video)

More Mango: Check out Joe Belfiore’s Mango video here.

They have run out of time for demonstrating, but have promised that we’ll see more of the coming Mango features in the coming weeks. There are over 500 new features in Mango as promised.

4G compatibility is also coming in the new devices releasing later this year.

New hardware partners are coming to Windows Phone (Acer, Fujitsu & ZTE), including Nokia.

More languages, more carriers and lower priced phones coming this year.

With Mango, Windows Phone is coming to more countries: (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea (South), Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan)

Dev tools for Mango are going to be available today.

Over 18,000 apps in the Marketplace.

More core services are coming to more geographies with Mango.

Mango is coming in the early fall of this year.

New features just in IE9 mobile for Mango.

Demonstrating Bing Visual Search by snapping a picture of a Miley Cyrus book and searching on that picture. 

Local Scout allows you to access information through Bing just as if you were a local to the area.

Very tight integration, including indoor maps for Bing Maps. He’s going through a malls indoor map using the new “Local Scouts” experience in Windows Phone mango.


Demonstrating “Quick Cards in IE9” by receiving more information about the movie “Water for Elephants” in Bing search. Bing Search links internet search and apps, like IMDB using “Quick Cards” which gives you more information without opening apps.

Competition on browsing between: BB Torch, iPhone 4, Droid Charge & Windows Phone with Mango…Windows Phone wins by a large margin!!

Blackberry gets a head start. Windows Phone comes in 1st, Android 2nd, Blackberry 3rd and the iPhone hadn’t even started the test by the time the others finished.

Now they are talking up Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Phone.

Demoing a 3D walk-through of the plane on a British Airways app, which shows flight information on the home screen live tile.

Multi-tasking is now included in Mango and is super fast when resuming apps and games and does not negatively affect the battery life of your phone, which is a problem on most other platforms.

Demoing the multitasking and quick return from games and apps. Also, the new games/Xbox hub. 

A rebuilt Office hub now includes even more SkyDrive and Office 365 integration.

All hubs have been rebuilt to take advantage of application linking, making it easier to get from information to application and back.

Face detection is now built into the pictures, so you can tag a person in a photo and send it to Facebook.

Text to Speech and voice recognition is also coming in Mango. The demonstration is a text message comes in and his phone is across the room, so the phone asks if you want it to be read aloud to you and starts reading the message and asks you if you’d like to reply. After the command is given, you can start dictating to the phone what you’d like to reply in the message and send it – all without touching the phone.

Calendar integration now includes facebook calendar as well.

Information Rights management is coming to mango.

Unified or “linked” inboxes are coming to Windows Phone.

Mango will bring threaded and conversation views to the email inboxes in Windows Phone.

Mango features a “smarter” keyboard with a “much more intuitive typing experience.”

Threads – Text, Facebook and instant messenger. Took a shot at Blackberry Messenger and other proprietary messaging options available on other platforms.

There is a new feature in the people hub called “Groups” which lets you group related people in a grid. You can also pin groups to the home screen just like with individual contacts.

Twitter and LinkedIn are now integrated into Windows Phone

More information is now going to be pushed to the home screen live tiles.

Mango improves on the people information, including more pictures in the people hub.

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