On Upgrading to the Verizon HTC Trophy…

A reader who was able to order the HTC Trophy a day early and before his contract was available to re-up sent this in as a helpful tip in upgrading to the HTC Trophy on Verizon. I’m not a customer with Verizon, so I am unfamiliar with their upgrade process and figured I’d post it for those of you who might find this information useful:

The new Verizon HTC Trophy Windows phone is $199.99 with a two year activation. If you are a VZW customer and you are still months away from your ‘new every two’ upgrade, call customer service and request an early upgrade. In February of this year, VZW suspended their early upgrade program. Yet, most currently customers are still able to use one more early upgrade on their plan. More than likely, they will allow you to upgrade early. You will then get the HTC for $149.99 online and $199.99 ($149.99 after mail-in rebate) over the phone or in stores. To receive the addition $30 credit, you must be eligible for your ‘new every two’ upgrade.

If you are eligible for your ‘new every two upgrade’ be sure to request the $30 credit. VZW is in the process of completely phasing out their $30 upgrade credit, so if you are eligible for an upgrade, you may want to consider doing it soon before the credit is eliminated. After receiving your upgrade credit, go online and order the Windows Phone. If you order online, you will receive the $50 discount instantly, and get the Trophy for $149.99 ($119.99 with $30 VZW ‘new every two’ credit). If you order over the phone or wait to get the phone your local VZW store (June 2), you will pay $199.99. You will then have to to mail in the form to receive the $50 rebate card. In addition, VZW is currently shipping all internet order at no added cost. To save the extra $50 instantly, just order it online, request the free overnight shipping, and save yourself the hassle of dealing with a mail-in rebate. Within a day you’ll be enjoying the best smartphone available on the Verizon network.

To further sweeten the deal, Microsoft is offering a free Xbox game. The games available are: Halo Reach, Kinect Sports, and Lode Runner. Information on acquiring your free game will be inside the box of your HTC Trophy. Enjoy.

Thanks, Roy


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