PCMag Readers Choice Ranks Windows Phone Among the Best

We know Windows Phone is the best mobile platform out there, but it’s nice to see that WIndows hone is starting to get a little recognition for just how great it really is. PCMag  does a Readers Choice Awards every year where it goes through multiple products and categories and polls users to find out what they like about their devices and carriers. Windows Phone has been critically acclaimed as being on par and above iOS and Android in  many ways, even though it’s still a fledgling OS and readers have proven that according to the results from the PCMag Readers Choice Awards.

For best mobile platform:

WIndows Phone didn’t just stop at being a credible mobile platform. At&t’s flagship device also came in as a big favorite beating out the At&t darling, the iPhone. For best At&t smartphone:

One of the PCMag contributers, well-known fire-starter, John C. Dvorak is famous for making inflamatory comments about technology to essentially produce hits on his otherwise-dull articles. He was famous for claiming the iPhone would fail and said Windows phone was “Dead on Arrival”, so it’s nice to see a poll done by a website he writes for, favor Windows Phone so high.


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