Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 20,000 Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace is only 219 days old and has hit the 20k mark, making the Marketplace the second fastest app store to hit 20k (second to the iPhone which accomplished the same feat in 215 days). For comparision, the Android marketplace took 419 days and the Blackberry App World took 684 days to make it to 20,000 total apps.

As we all know, the app count doesn’t matter as much as app quality and, for the most part, the Marketplace contains most of the well-known apps many users want and need as well as some exclusive Windows Phone titles. In many cases, the Windows Phone version of an app is much better than the iPhone or Android counterpart, with some exceptions.

Overall, I am pleased with the Marketplace and its rate of growth, but I would like to see more official banking and finance apps and some official major TV network (NBC, ABC, CBS…) apps arrive this year. The incredible rate of growth the Marketplace is experiencing lends credibility to Windows Phone as a major mobile player and should overtake Blackberry as the third largest app store very soon. Microsoft has done an excellent job with their developer tools and developer support, so it’s no surprise to see developers from other platforms create for Windows Phone.



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