There’s No Phone More Fun Than A Windows Phone

I was catching up on the latest on the Windows Phone Blog today when I stumbled across a post by, Microsoft employee, Katy Asher about her experiences with Windows Phone and how it assists her with everyday busy life. If you fall into this category, it might be worth checking out the post yourself, but what caught my attention was a link to another post on by Stephanie Phoenix entitled “Windows Phone 7: A Smart Cell Phone for Busy Parents.”

In Stephanie’s post, she notes, “…we’ve never seen a phone that’s more fun than a Windows Phone 7.” She also goes on to discuss the time-saving features that have been implemented in Windows Phone and how excellent the camera experience is  by simply holding down the camera button to snap a picture even when the phone is locked. She also details the integration of Xbox and how much fun the games are for kids and adults and also touches on the music experience in each Windows Phone.

Windows Phone has something for all and will undoubtedly be the go-to phone for business in time, but it’s nice to see some great exposure from a market that you wouldn’t think would notice a product like Windows Phone.


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