Is Windows Phone the Most Secure Mobile Platform?

Given the recent mess that Google finds themselves in with the revelation of malware in their Android marketplace, it’s worth taking note as to which smart phone platforms are secure and which ones are not. If you ask the technology evangelist at Microsoft Ireland, Dave Northey, then Windows Phone is undoubtedly the most secure of all the mobile platforms.

His reasoning is simple: Windows Phone runs each app in a secure fashion (sandboxing), giving each app allocated memory and keeping it quarantined from the main OS and other applications. In his own words to

“We keep applications away from the bones of the OS. When an application fires up, the OS will give it a dynamically allocated security bubble, for lack of a better word, and every app has its own one of those…No one application can talk to another and no one application can steal data from another application…So every application is completely secure, has its own isolated storage, can encrypt that storage if it likes to and as such, there’s no other smartphone on the market that’s as secure.”

It has been well-documented that both Android and Apple’s iOS platforms have had their security problems and Dave Northey is confident that Windows Phone will not have these issues with the precautions they have taken.


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